Paresh Daya is a successful fintech & blockchain entrepreneur, and advises organizations on all aspects of strategy, vision, ideation, implementation and execution.

Paresh has spent his career specialising in financial technology, predominantly working for global, tier-1 investment banks across the UK and South Africa. His extensive background of over 15 years includes expertise in leading and executing within the corporate investment banking domain, together with running global teams across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. His experience and passion has now led him into the entrepreneurial and startup space.

His passion lies in the areas of the 4th industrial revolution, and focuses on journeying to a new financial world by building and scaling fintech businesses that are based on digital assets and blockchain. He is an international speaker and trusted advisor, driving blockchain initiatives and communities across the African continent and the world. He strives to make a large inclusive, socio-economic and technology impact.











Available in an advisory capacity to entrepreneurs and startups, in addition to medium and large enterprises - Paresh aims to drive success within all organisations. His experience provides an invaluable resource when advising on problem statements, solutions, demystification of complex topics and education.


Paresh focusses on the client's most critical challenges and opportunities within the fintech, blockchain, digital asset and crypto domains. He provides unparalleled consulting services across all aspects of strategy, ideation and vision through to implementation and execution.

public speaking

As an international speaker, Paresh has delivered keynote addresses and participated in panels across South Africa, Mauritius, London and Singapore. He is passionate about spreading his knowledge of this space, while having the ability to tailor content and information to the specific conference / event and audience level.


Paresh is a renowned thought leader in the fintech, blockchain, digital asset and 4iR domain.

He is an international public speaker and can often be seen delivering keynote addresses and participating in panel discussions



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